Hawaiian Ailines App Redesign Banner

Project info

  • Software:Axure
  • Class:User Interface I

Airline App Redesign

This short project is a redesign for the phone application version of Blizzards Battle.netFor this project Students select an Airline’s mobile app to redesign. Students needed to show their knowledge of the prototyping tool Axure. Along with applying their knowledge of the Gestalt Principles and principles of design we had learned so far.


For this project I chose Hawaiian Airlines.

Hawaiian Airlines Hompage

The main issues are that the original app doesn’t change aspects that only work for desktop browsers not mobile apps. The app tries to emulate the website by including their advertisements. This causes the app to have a very long page and feel very cluttered.

Hawaiian Airlines Hompage The Never-ending Hompage

Changes and Feedback

For the main icons I wanted to make them more appealing while adhering to gestalt principles. I remade the other pages so that they would be stylistically more in line with the overall design.

My redesign for three of the apps pages.

The feedback I received was majority positive. The consensus was that I need to stick to a style guide to avoid inconsistencies.

Prototype: abt8te.axshare.com/#c=2


My instructor submitted this work to SIGGRAPH in 2018

Faculty Submitted Work Exhibit SIGGRAPH 2018